There’s more to healthy brushing than just the bristles!

The Toof-inger Brush® has a uniquely designed handle that promotes healthier brushing. This allows you to get the full benefit of cleaning your teeth while reducing the chances of damaging your gums.


Ergonomic Grip

The handle has an ergonomic grip for a comfortable hold at any angle.


Extra Soft Bristles

The bristles are extra soft with an elevated-tip to help reach behind and between teeth.


Distinctive Handle

The mid-section is pliable and will flex when unhealthy pressure is applied.


Compact Head-Size

The head-size is compact and offers an ideal fit for most adult mouths.

Toof-inger Brush® In The News


Tisha Powell of ABC11-WTVD, Raleigh/Durham, sat down with Steven Walther (Inventor of the Toof-inger Brush®) to discuss his invention and how it can reduce the risk of gum line recession.


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About The Toof-inger Brush®

What is a Toof-inger Brush®?

The Toof-inger Brush® is an everyday toothbrush that helps prevent gingival recession by limiting the amount of pressure that can be applied while brushing. The brush is designed to facilitate a healthier brushing behavior by… [continue]

How does it work?

The unique handle of The Toof-inger Brush® is designed to be held with the use of just 2 or 3 fingers, and can be comfortably controlled at any brushing orientation. The abbreviated handle circumferentially accommodates a Pinch… [continue]

Why does it work?

Today’s common toothbrush is held by making a fist, allowing the force of the entire arm to bear down on the teeth and gums. This hold is referred to as a Power Grip, which is a grasp where the hand wraps completely around a handle… [continue]